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Reinstate Rebel Dog Rescue on Petfinder​.​com

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*SOS* Rebel Dog Rescue has been permanently banned from advertising their adoptable dogs on...

Statement from Rebel Dog Rescue:

Our non-profit rescue organization, Rebel Dog Rescue, has been permanently banned from using Petfinder.

Our organization has been a member of Petfinder for a number of years. We have successfully found forever homes for over 700 dogs with the support of the Petfinder website. All of our dogs come from dire situations and euthanasia lists across the State of Texas. We transport them to Ontario, Canada, where they find forever homes. It was determined by Petfinder that we violated the following:

"To post pets in the location where they are currently being physically fostered or sheltered at the time of posting."

RDR uses an automatic upload via software and did our best to manually change each status in Petfinder Pro to ’Out of Town’, though admittedly fell behind at times. We always highlight at the very top of the post that the dog is not yet in the future location (they are to arrive in Niagara falls, ON) and the date that they arrive (i.e. January 28). We do not attempt to conceal this in any way and are very transparent about the dog’s location. At the time that the account was banned, many of the dogs were listed appropriately, while others we had not yet gotten to.

Petfinder was our main source of adopters as it is the largest pet adoption site. Without Petfinder our already slow adoptions have become even slower. We are devastated by this and are concerned about our future in finding adopters.

We are 100% volunteer run and we were in the process of training a new volunteer to solely oversee the Petfinder site to ensure that the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct were abided by. We communicated this to Petfinder. We were also considering not using the site for the dogs until they arrived in Ontario to be sure that there was no possibility of an issue.

We attempted to contact Petfinder support (quality and outreach) to speak with someone regarding this issue, however have always been met with the same templated email. We had a new volunteer take ownership of this sector and re-applied as an organization, however we appear to have been declined. We attempted to seek an account suspension for a determined period of time, rather than a life-long ban, to no avail.

Our organization, along with the rescue community, is devastated by the impact that the life-long ban will have on the animals we seek to help from dire situations and euthanasia. We understand that action may be taken against us, however we feel we demonstrated a clear path on how we were correcting the issue and were to ensure that it would not happen again. RDR does not believe that the level of terms breached constitutes a life-long ban.

We pride ourselves on being an honest and reputable rescue, and do not have the words to explain what the effects of a permanent ban will have on the hundreds of dogs we save each year. We ask that Petfinder considers this, along with how this tremendous impact aligns with their missions. We have so much compassion for the dogs and would be heartbroken to know that we cannot continue to save as many animals in need because some of the dogs were not listed as ’Out of Town’.

We have used Petfinder for nearly 3 years without any issues other than this; which again, is not a purposeful action and we were prepared to correct. As we stand by our corrective actions, we ask that Petfinder stands by their mission by putting the animals first and please be willing to work with us to find a reasonable solution.

Attached are a handful of pictures of dogs that we were able to find forever homes for. These are dogs that would have suffered a likely fatal future without rescue intervention. There are hundreds more dogs like them who need our help.

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