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news and action Saturday March 11, 2023 The Trans Mountain oil tanker expansion is now the most expensive industrial project in Canadian history.

What started as a $5.4 billion pipeline expansion has turned into a catastrophic boondoggle of immeasurable proportions — and one that will keep costing Canadian taxpayers for decades to come.

Justin Trudeau made a fatal mistake buying Trans Mountain from Texas-owned Kinder Morgan back in 2018. His government has had chance after chance to pull the plug on this unnecessary climate killer. Instead, they keep doubling down on a sinking ship, and have spent billions of Canadians' tax dollars to bail it out.

Now the Liberals are in an even bigger bind. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced last year Canada wouldn’t pay a penny more for the project, and that they’d be looking for investors to foot the rest of the bill.

But any investor checking the score can see building a pipeline is a fool’s game. Cost overruns on both TMX and Coastal GasLink are going nowhere but up, and should stand as a warning to any fossil fuel company or investment firm thinking about putting up cash.

(Looking at you, Enbridge.)

While the average Canadian is struggling with inflation and increased interest rates, TMX is getting special treatment from our government and the banks are giving them rock bottom interest rates on their loan.

Imagine what else could be done with this much public money. Instead, the Liberals are about to go down in history as the government that wasted $31 billion on a white elephant. NEWS Stories we’re following A shocking waste Trans Mountain now estimates its new oil pipeline will cost $30.9 billion to complete. Canadians will pay for this boondoggle for generations - in climate damage and in cold hard cash.
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Gitxsan chiefs ban C-IRG Hereditary chiefs say militarized cops are not welcome in their territory, as B.C. readies a decision on another pipeline through Gitxsan territory. -Interior News
What's taking so long? Medical and policy experts are questioning why B.C. still hasn’t approved this potentially life-saving policy. -CBC Pulling more strings Federal lobbying stands to become more unethical if suggested changes from the commissioner go through. - National Observer If you like what you're reading but aren't subscribed, sign up for Dogwood News! Subscribe Events Sunday, March 12 at 1 p.m. - Vancouver No Enbridge! Zombie Walk Minister Heyman is facing pressure to resurrect a zombie pipeline that would doom our province to climate disaster. But with enough public support, he can stand up to Enbridge’s shambling horde of lobbyists. Join the Dogwood Zombie Walk on March 12 to call for climate justice, not a fossil fuel apocalypse. March 26 & 27 Frack Free BC Art Day of Action Using visual interruption, people across the province will be shining a spotlight on B.C.'s fracking problem, introducing the movement to the climate community and inspiring others to join. There will be two actions to choose from: a poster blitz on March 26 and a banner drop action on March 27. Join in! Action Tell Minister Heyman: let Enbridge's zombie project die Minister Heyman has a decision to make: he can either bend to Enbridge's lobbyists and re-approve a permit for the Westcoast Connector pipeline, abide by B.C. law and do what's right for British Columbians and the climate. Send him a message telling him not to renew Enbridge's permit! Send your message now Dogwood Swag Lookin' socks-y Is today the day you up your sock game? Shop now! Your support makes climate justice possible If you like what we do and are able to support us, become a monthly donor today!
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