Vegetarian options at McDonalds

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PAOV — With both a growing Indian diaspora and vegetarian community in Canada, petition starter Harjap says it’s time McDonald’s offers the vegetarian menu items it serves in its Indian restaurants. If you want to see more vegetarian options on the menu at your local McDonald’s, sign Harjap’s petition today.

Start Indian Veg menu in McDonald’s

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I migrated to Canada... in 1992. In 30 years I have visited McDonald’s only for 7-10 times. The reason is only one that I’m vegetarian and McDonald’s does not have any meal for vegetarians. And I can’t understand why they can’t have the same vegetarian menu when they already have in India? I feel, It’s only there Arogant behavior and nothing else.

Like me 10% vegetarian population of Canada always avoid McDonald’s.

And it’s not all about money. It’s offering variety of food to The Canadians and respect their sentiments.

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