ICYMI: Students take action for World Water Day

ICYMI: Students take action for World Water Day r1 ... r71 | Add us to your address book

Hi Friend,

Did you get Mark’s email about our World Water Day initiative with elementary school students across Ontario? I’m forwarding it along in case you missed it!

The short story is: it’s well past time for Trudeau to honour his promise to end drinking water advisories on First Nations. And we’re supporting elementary school classrooms across Canada to make that happen!

This year, we are providing classrooms with a new package of Water Drop materials for students to take action on World Water Day and learn about the human right to water all year long.

Will you sponsor materials for one student with a gift of just $1? Your donation goes towards the cost of material design, development, and distribution. Or donate $25 to sponsor a whole classroom!

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With your help, we’ll deliver students’ messages directly to Trudeau and make sure he can’t ignore the calls from thousands of young activists to end drinking water advisories on First Nations!

With gratitude,

Charlotte Kiddell
Director of Development and Member Services
Council of Canadians

P.S. Mark your calendars! World Water Day is Wednesday, March 22.

Here's the email Mark sent on Saturday, March 11.

“Water is important to me because it is a necessity to life, I need it to live.”

“Mr. Trudeau, you must take action to ensure everyone has clean water. If the water isn’t clean people can get really sick.”

“Justin Trudeau must take action because clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege.”

These are messages from elementary school children to Prime Minister Trudeau, imploring him to make good on his promise to end drinking water advisories on all First Nations. It’s a promise Trudeau first made 8 years ago in his 2015 election campaign.

Eight years later, 29 First Nations are still under drinking water advisories. Some communities, like Neskantaga First Nation, have had to boil their water for almost three decades. Others have seen their water quality deteriorate to the point they have been put on drinking water advisories in just the last couple of years.

Trudeau’s pledge to end these advisories is in danger of becoming one of many broken promises from Canada’s government to First Nations.

But the Council of Canadians – and classrooms across Canada – won’t let that happen.

For World Water Day 2023, we are partnering with teachers and students to remind the Trudeau government of their obligation to honour the treaties and the human right to water.

We are equipping thousands of elementary school teachers and students with “Water Drops” so they can learn about the First Nations drinking water crisis and send personal notes and drawings to Prime Minister Trudeau. For the past several years, we have collected these Water Drop messages and delivered them directly to Trudeau. Students’ words are always heartfelt and insightful, calling out the fundamental injustice of the situation. Read messages from previous years here.

This year, we are also offering a package of classroom-ready resources for elementary teachers to expand on the drinking water crisis and the human right to water. By engaging classrooms across Canada, we are educating the next generation of Public Water Champions and making sure Trudeau hears directly from his youngest constituents.

It is beyond time for our government to honour its promise to First Nations, its treaty obligations, and the human right to water.

Mark Calzavara With resolve,

Mark Calzavara
Water Campaigner
The Council of Canadians P.S. If you can chip in to support the campaign, please do! Every dollar raised helps us reach more students – and put more pressure on Trudeau. P.P.S. If you are a teacher – or you know a teacher – who wants to participate in World Water Day, send us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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