3 things to watch for in Budget 2023

In just two weeks, the federal government will announce its 2023 budget. It comes on the heels of a sobering new IPCC report. r1


In just two weeks, the federal government will announce its 2023 budget. It comes on the heels of a sobering new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), reminding us how urgently Canada needs to step up our response to the climate emergency.1

Here are the three key things we’ll be looking for in the federal budget to see if our leaders are finally ready to meet this moment head-on:

First, we need to spend what it takes. The Trudeau government simply isn’t investing in green solutions at the speed and scale the climate crisis demands. We need to increase investments to about $57 billion per year, about 2% of Canada’s GDP,2 to rapidly transform our economy and phase out fossil fuels.

Second, we need to power down the bad. No matter how much we invest in clean energy, we won’t get anywhere if we keep propping up the fossil fuel industry with billions in subsidies. News just broke that the cost of expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline has surged again, this time rising 43% to an eye-watering... $30.9 billion.3 We can’t afford to keep wasting tens of billions on Big Oil’s bad bets.

Third, we need to power up the good. It’s time to ramp up truly green investments right now. We should be funding Indigenous-led climate solutions, building out a 100% clean electricity grid, making homes and buildings energy efficient, fast-tracking zero-emissions public transit, and guaranteeing a good, green job to anyone who wants one.

The climate crisis threatens everything we love, and the IPCC is sounding the alarm that we’re still on track to overshoot the critical 1.5°C warming limit. But if our leaders step up and make transformative investments now, we can still change course and build a climate-safe future where everyone can thrive.

We can’t just sit back and hope they do what’s right. It’s up to us to hold our political leaders accountable and make sure they’re taking this crisis seriously. We just published a blog post that goes into more detail about what we’re looking for in Budget 2023 – help us fight the forces of climate delay by reading and sharing it now so we can inspire as many people as possible to join the fight.

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