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Paov -

Connecting with the passionate people who make up our movement always fills me with so much inspiration and hope.

Two weeks ago, I sent out an open-ended email asking you to introduce yourselves and share a bit about what’s happening in your community and what 350 Canada could do to help make your organizing more effective. I was blown away by the response – I received 219 emails from people in every corner of the country. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to connect with me, share your stories, and offer thoughtful feedback!

Before I dive into the big themes that emerged from those conversations, I want to invite you to continue shaping our strategy. Your input is critical, so please take a few minutes to take this quick survey on our campaign priorities for the rest of the year.


Now, let’s talk about the... three big themes I noticed while reading and responding to your emails.

  • The pandemic has been hard on our movement, but we are resilient. Many of you felt that the pandemic stalled our momentum. You adapted, taking much of your work online, but digital tools and tactics can only get us so far. Still, so many of you reached out with stories about how you and the groups you’re part of have kept plugging away, reaching new people, and building pressure on climate delaying politicians. I was touched by how many of you also shared what motivates you to keep doing this work despite these challenges – your community, your family, your love for this world.
  • We’re hungry for more collaboration and better coordination as a mass movement. Many of you expressed a desire to see 350 Canada and other climate-focused organizations working together more closely. You pointed out that higher-level coordination among bigger groups can help smaller, local groups determine where they can make the most impact. While we often work behind-the-scenes with other organizations, we can certainly do a better job of avoiding duplicated efforts. Stay tuned for some joint actions and campaigns in the coming months!
  • We're ready to do something big and creative together. Several of you felt that we’re stuck in a stale cycle of petitions and protests. You shared a desire for bold new ways to grow our movement faster and build the people-powered pressure necessary to make our governments take the actions that science and justice demand. To be honest, I feel this way too, which is why I’m thrilled that we’re in the process of hiring two organizers who will help us rebuild our capacity to reach new people at scale, and pull off coordinated mass mobilizations that will break through. Stay tuned for opportunities to get more involved!

Many of you also asked about what we plan to do next. We have some ideas but we'd love your help with that decision. Check out the survey to help shape our direction.


We need your help, Paov. Really. This isn’t one of those surveys where we’re pretending to listen even though we’ve already decided what to do. We genuinely want your input during these early stages of planning, so please take a few minutes to let us know what’s on your mind.

In solidarity,


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