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news and action Saturday April 29, 2023 Yesterday provincial regulators issued a stop-work order to Coastal GasLink, halting construction on a three-kilometre section of the pipeline.

Inspectors busted the company pumping dirty, sediment-laden water into a tributary of the Anzac River northeast of Prince George – once again showing total disregard for fish habitat.

Environment minister George Heyman is struggling to show that B.C. can force a powerful Alberta pipeline company to follow the law. We’ll see if this changes their behaviour.

Meanwhile Heyman faces a crucial decision on an even bigger fracked gas pipeline – Enbridge’s Westcoast Connector proposal.

Will he... do the right thing and reject the company’s request for an emergency extension to its 10-year-old pipeline certificate? Will the NDP finally say no to a fossil fuel megaproject?

Or will Heyman cave to Enbridge’s horde of lobbyists, bend the law for Big Oil and revive this zombie pipeline – over the objections of Indigenous communities along the route?

If he does, Heyman will be remembered as the Environment Minister who approved the biggest fracking pipeline in B.C. history, dooming his government’s climate plan forever.

The decision could come any day.
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Not their first rodeo... or second Coastal GasLink faces even more fines, this time for filing ‘false and misleading’ information. - The Narwhal A quick note... Starting May 1, Dogwood is trialing a four-day work week — Monday to Thursday. In light of this change, we’ll be sending you Dogwood News on Friday mornings instead of Saturdays. That’s one less day to wait for all the news you can use! And some you can’t. We try our best. Thanks for reading!!
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