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PAOV — Canadians are fed up with the state of healthcare, as it becomes increasingly difficult to find a family physician or to get a timely referral for a specialist. Petition starter Yudhvir experienced this problem firsthand, as he watched his wife suffer for months while she waited for an MRI. Earlier this year, the federal and provincial governments agreed to a 10-year, $200 billion healthcare deal that included nearly $50 billion in new funding. Yudhvir is calling for the provinces to use some of the new funding to hire more doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners so that Canadians aren’t waiting for years to find a family doctor or see a specialist. Join Yudhvir and his 35,000 supporters by signing the petition now.

Define... healthcare benchmarks for all medical services in Canada

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We have to write this letter with a heavy heart as healthcare has touched rock bottom in most provinces. In the past few years, many family physicians are reducing patients, walk-in clinics have been decreasing and/or are reducing hours.

People can’t find new family physicians and have to either keep suffering or resort to virtual doctors. Unfortunately, virtual doctors do not offer consistencies and therefore a patient’s files is not kept in one central repository.

Getting an MRI referral is pathetic. Once a doctor gives an MRI referral, there are long queues and no visibility to timeframes of when the MRI will take place. The patient is left in the dark for extended periods of time.

Seeing a specialist is also challenging. If a person needs an Orthopedic Surgeon or another type of specialist, the wait time is said to be close to a year if not more. Patients have no choice but to suffer with pain as they continue to wait for the next step.

We urgently call on the Federal Government to establish healthcare benchmarks for all healthcare services for all Canadians and have provinces target to achieve these benchmarks. These healthcare services include, but are not limited to, finding a family physician, seeing a specialist, all medical tests as well as PSWs.

People are dependent on the lawmakers. Canadians are looking for best in class healthcare standards. There is a talk of timely healthcare but timely isn’t defined. Request is to define benchmarks for each healthcare service. Please don’t fail us. Thank you.

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