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news and action Friday May 5, 2023 B.C. flood season is upon us.

“This is the worst I have ever seen,” said Cache Creek Mayor, John Ranta, whose town has been hit over and over with wildfires and floods. Now, once again, residents are being told to get out.

The Shackan, Okanagan and Nooaitch Indian Bands are also under evacuation orders. With snowpack melting and rain on the way, B.C. forecasters say conditions are deteriorating.

The climate crisis is increasing the scope and frequency of extreme weather events like flooding and wildfires. Communities across the province keep paying the price for the actions of fossil fuel... companies.

So why does our government continue to support projects that make climate change worse?

Here’s one theory: the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbying firms makes it impossible for politicians to regulate companies without their own self-interest slipping in.

This week it came out that 30 federal MPs – or their spouses – have large investments in Enbridge, Fortis, TC Energy and other oil and gas companies.

In B.C. there are no rules stopping public officials from walking over to companies they regulate (cough! Premier Horgan cough!) Or, like NDP insider Maeghan Dewar, lobbying the premier’s office while her father worked as a special advisor to Horgan.

Up until 2018, Big Money political donations were the norm in B.C., where anyone could give any amount of money to any political party they wished. This went on for years, until British Columbians said enough. This equally corrupting merry-go-round needs to stop, too.

Getting friendly with industry, either through relentless lobbying or pursuing post-government career prospects, is undermining our democracy. The public needs to trust politicians, if they’re going to steer us safely through the climate crisis.
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