Protect BC Tenants Having Children - Change the Residential Tenancy Act

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Protect BC Tenants Having Children - Change the Residential Tenancy Act

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In BC there is a rising number of cases of landlords using the Residential Tenancy Act to impose disproportionately large rent increases to those who give birth and adopt children. It is an obvious, unethical abuse of the legislature that manipulates the policies to treat children exactly the same as working, adult roommates.

There is currently no specific clause to address tenants who give birth or adopt in the Residential Tenancy Act so landlords have been able to impose these rent increases by citing the policies regarding additional occupants; overlooking the aspect that these "occupants" are newborns and infants. It is unconscionable to act as if a baby has the same qualities as a roommate and to enforce the maximum rent increases as soon as they are born or adopted.

BC housing should support Canadians who wish to pursue their right to have families by changing the RTA to defend against predatory landlords. When dependents are added to the family by birth or by adoption there should be no additional rent increases allowed. It is clear that the policies laid out in the RTA were not intended to be manipulated in this way yet landlords have claimed they are owed increases as high as 20%. We must petition the BC housing minister to put specific restrictions in place so there can be no room to take advantage of tenants.

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