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Stop Windsors unethical ban on feeding feral cats. Implement a humane citywide TNVR plan

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We the people of Windsor,

1) Petition City Council to remove the bylaw prohibiting the feeding of feral... cats;

2) Petition City Council to work with community partners in implementing an ethical and humane city wide community/colony cat program.

City of Windsor Councilors voted in favor of a bylaw that prohibits citizens in the community from feeding stray and feral cats. This bylaw is not only inhumane and unethical to the feral/stray/dumped animals in our communities. It ignores the problems and only exacerbates the issue for all. The people of the City of Windsor want this bylaw to be revoked immediately.

This bylaw negatively affects colony caregivers, community TNR, animal rescues, and other community efforts by effectively punishing humane actions in controlling the local feral cat populations with moderate and continued fines. This causes undue hardship to the feral felines and their rescuers and eventually forces community based groups to cease operation. Without community based support, this problem will multiply exponentially and will become more than City Councilors are prepared to deal with. Dumps and lost strays will suffer from a loss of safely provided food sources, true ferals will die to city poisoned rats, and all will fight over garbage and access to food and shelter, thus creating new problems.

City Councils’ unethical approach effectively ignores the real problems while only exacerbating the issues and creating new ones. The only responsible and lasting approach is for City Council to work with community based partners including but not limited to, street based rescuers, TNR groups, trappers, animal welfare services and other professionals to implement a city wide plan to ethically and humanely control community cat colonies through TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release), registered controlled community colonies, an ethical standard of colony Bylaws and community education. TNVR efforts in conjunction with municipalities have been implemented in cities all across Canada and the world with proven success.

Please reference Hamilton, Ontario, Canada TNVR program that works in unison with community partners, the City of Hamilton, and the Hamilton SPCA;



**Please be advised that this petition is a public document and will be served upon City Council. The personal information of signatories may be made available to the public.

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