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This week, a delegation of the Indigenous Mapuche people from Argentina, and climate activists from Latin America will confront big corporations at their Annual General Meetings (AGM). r1

Hi Paov,

This week, 350.org is supporting a delegation of the Mapuche people from Argentina who, alongside climate activists from Latin America, are confronting big fossil fuel corporations and banks at their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) across Europe.

This is a big moment for us to take action. AGMs are where big fossil fuel companies, such as Equinor and Total, and banks like Deutsche Bank and BNP meet their investors - and when they come under scrutiny for their actions.

These companies are responsible for the devastating environmental damage caused by fracking in Vaca Muerta, a region of Argentina, on lands where the Mapuche communities live. The delegation has a plan to expose the companies’ abuses and call on them to stop the destruction in front of their shareholders, but they need your help.

Paov, will you stand with the representatives of the Mapuche people today, and sign your name on their petition demanding an end to fracking in Patagonia?

Sign the petition now

For years, Equinor and Total have been fracking for shale oil and gas in Vaca Muerta, while Deutsche Bank and BNP have been funding these destructive projects. Now, a delegation of the Mapuche people of Vaca Muerta are about to turn the tables, and show up on the doorstep of the corporations responsible for the damage suffered by their vulnerable communities.

Paov, this is where you can help. The power of the climate movement comes from all of us acting together as one and showing up for each other. The Mapuche activists will deliver this petition directly to the corporations’ AGMs tomorrow. Will you stand in solidarity with them and demand an end to fracking in Vaca Muerta?

Yes, I'll add my name

Thank you,

Chris and the 350 Canada team

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