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news and action Friday May 12, 2023 Early this week, Coastal Gaslink was slapped with four more stop-work orders for pumping sediment-laden water into sensitive fish habitat near Prince George.

Then on Wednesday, the company was caught scrambling to clean up yet another human-caused disaster on Wet'suwet'en territory in Northern B.C. The pipeline right-of-way turned into a mudslide, dumping more sediment into a salmon creek.

Crews were working to install an erosion barrier, but that’s like closing a barn door after the horse has bolted. This could have been predicted and prevented, like so many of Coastal GasLink’s screw ups.

Then late yesterday, another... stop-work order. This time in Gosnell Creek, a major salmon producer, where inspectors caught the company "causing impacts to sensitive wetlands".

Our environment and fisheries ministers need to stop with the wrist slaps and issue a project-wide halt until Coastal GasLink can prove they’ll follow the law. Fish habitat is being irreparably damaged and that is not okay.

Meanwhile, people across B.C. are bracing for unseasonably high temperatures over Mother’s Day weekend. We’re barely into May and already communities are being forced to evacuate because of fire or floods.

The B.C. government should be keeping our communities safe. Instead, they’re expanding the industry that’s fuelling climate disasters. And they’re letting environmental offenders off scot free.
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