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Magazines for members! r1 ... Copies of The Narwhal's 2023 print magazine. As The Narwhal turns five today, I’m thinking about the momentous outpouring of public generosity that’s allowed us to prove the critics wrong.

“The Narwhal’s reporting is unrivaled and has taught me so much on overlooked environmental issues.”

“We need fearless journalism if we are going to stop the ecosystem collapse on the horizon.”

“I am glad to do my part to help keep the dream alive.”

More than 6,000 people just like you donate whatever they can to make independent, high-stakes journalism about the natural world in Canada free for everyone to read.

Will you help us ring in our birthday by becoming a member of The Narwhal today? Bonus: donate at any monthly or annual amount and we’ll mail you a copy of our beautiful 2023 print magazine, hot off the presses!
A spread of The Narwhal's 2023 magazine, with the title JOIN THE POD, GET A MAG When I reflect on those early days of The Narwhal, I can recall how painful it was to hear the voices of critics. We were told The Narwhal was not practical, it was too cute, too flippant, too idealistic, not possible.

And the thing that proved them all wrong? You. Our readers. And in particular our members — the everyday people across Canada who are so inspired by the importance of independent, non-profit journalism they’re willing to throw their hat into the ring with us.

But here’s the thing: just one out of every 50 people who read The Narwhal supports our work. We need more loyal email subscribers like you to donate what you can so The Narwhal can not only survive, but thrive, for many more years to come.

Join our pod today and we’ll send you our limited-edition 2023 magazine, packed full of award-nominated journalism, as a thank-you gift.

As we cast our minds forward to what we can accomplish in the next five years, we’re again ready to fight for the dream of The Narwhal. We hope you will too by becoming a member.

Take care and keep the dream alive,

Carol Linnitt
Executive editor
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P.S. Our 2023 print magazine is packed with award-nominated stories about everything from the true history of Prairie farming to the end of an Alberta community to one First Nation’s long journey home. Become a Narwhal today and we’ll send you a limited-edition copy.

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