Two sloths have already died

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End the Exploitation: Help us to Save our Sloths

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Dear Supporters and Friends,

For the past decade, my colleagues and I have been working tirelessly at The Sloth Institute to protect sloths... and keep them in their wild habitats. Unfortunately, the desire to exploit sloths for profit is strong due to their popularity.

As a complete shock, in February SINAC (National System of Conservation Areas) officials intimidated us with an assault rifle to allow the removal of the sloths from our care.

The worst part is that they moved them to new owners at Barnhill Preserve - who have a long list of violations including sloth neglect. This is a facility where tourists are allowed to enter the cages as “day volunteers” and feed rescued sloths after paying a fee. They removed sloths from the most successful rehabilitation and release program in Costa Rica to a place that doesn’t provide them with proper care. We have been told at least two of our sloths have already died since being in their custody.

We have started this petition demanding an investigation into the decision to move these sloths to Barnhill Preserve and for the sloths to be immediately moved to a facility with more sloth rehabilitation experience and a higher survival rate.

Pictured is Tilly. She was rescued from the illegal selfie trade for sloths here in Costa Rica. Many people would say someone like Tilly never could have been released because of her time spent in the pet trade. However, because of our program, Tilly has been living wild and free for 4 years now and just weaned a third wild baby. Now stories like Tilly’s will be less possible.

While this news is tragic and our team has been traumatized by this miscarriage of justice, we assure you we will never stop fighting to help sloths! This catastrophe is just more proof that sloths are not safe. We need your support now more than ever - help us stop sloth exploitation and make your voices heard!

Thank you for your support and for truly loving sloths for the individuals that they are, not the entertainment value that they provide.

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