Hunting captive animals?

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PAOV — You can make a difference. Sign now to help Dr. Anne Downes stop the creation of Train and Trial facilities where captive foxes, coyotes and rabbits are used as bait to train hunting dogs.

Stop Ontario Government from allowing captive wildlife to be used as bait to train dogs

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The Ontario Government is proposing amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to allow new licenses for facilities that use captive foxes, coyotes and rabbits as bait to train hunting dogs.

The consultation period is only open until May 18, 2023. Please visit the link below immediately to reject the province’s proposal to allow new licenses for these facilities.

Signing this post is not enough. You must visit the link above to let the Ministry know your thoughts on this issue.

Further Details

There are currently 24 of these Train and Trial facilities in Ontario. In 1997 the decision was made not to allow any more to be created, however the Ontario government proposes to change this decision.

Train and Trial facilities are enclosed pens where hunters train dogs to hunt wildlife and run competitions for hunting dogs.

Operators trap foxes, coyotes and rabbits and keep them in captivity until being used to train dogs in these pens.

It’s important to submit comments directly to the Ministry (not just on this post) to prevent these cruel facilities from expanding.

Comments should be in your own words, but as guidance you can include some of these points in your submission:

  • I strongly oppose the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s proposal to allow new licenses, and the transfer of existing licenses, for dog train and trial areas in Ontario.
  • Penned dog hunting facilities are cruel to the wild animals used to train dogs to hunt.
  • Wildlife should never be taken from their natural environments and held captive by hunters.
  • It is inhumane to use rabbits, coyotes, and foxes as bait to train dogs.
  • New licenses for dog train and trial facilities are a huge step backward for society. These facilities have no place in Ontario.
  • Instead of allowing new applications, the province’s existing 24 facilities need to be closed immediately.

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