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Sign now and call on Trudeau to end all fossil fuel subsidies now. r1


In less than 24 hours, Prime Minister Trudeau will attend the G7 leaders’ summit in Hiroshima, Japan. The world will be watching to see if he makes good on his promise to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

While wildfires blanket Western Canada and the prairies with smoke, Trudeau continues to reward the oil and gas billionaires responsible for the climate crisis with tax breaks and subsidies.

This Friday, leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the most pressing issues we face. If Canada is truly the climate leader we claim to be, Trudeau must immediately end all fossil fuel subsidies and challenge other G7 countries to do the same. Paov, can you help us send a message to Trudeau ahead of the G7 and join the thousands of Canadians demanding he stop using our tax dollars to prop up the fossil fuel industry?


As one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters... at the G7, Canada has an opportunity to put bold climate action on the agenda by taking the lead and eliminating fossil fuel subsidies. Paov, we have less than 24 hours left. The more of us sign the petition, the more Trudeau will be pressured to act. Will you send him a message right away?


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