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news and action Friday May 19, 2023 The fossil fuel industry has spent decades rooting itself into almost every aspect of our lives, and as a result, they’ve made billions.

With that money comes power, but not always a direct line to decision making. That’s where lobbying comes in.

With millions of dollars, you too could bankroll a quiet campaign to grease wheels and shake hands inside the B.C. Legislature.

But even still, it costs time and money for lobbyists to camp out in ministers’ offices. Easier still is to pay someone who had an office in the building. Someone who built friendships and connections with... the high ranking officials and top decision makers you need on your side to get a permit extension, for example.

A direct line to policy writing is every fossil fuel company's dream.

Here in B.C., it’s perfectly legal for an MLA to walk out the door of government and straight into a job with the very companies they were supposed to be regulating. They’re even allowed to start negotiating for that job before they’ve left office!

That means while being lobbied by companies like Teck Resources or Coastal GasLink, MLAs could also be signing a six-figure-a-year deal to be their future board chair.

This unfair advantage, having an “inside man” if you will, is what’s helping oil and gas companies get away with environmental destruction and negligence, subsidies and unlawful access to Indigenous land – all while making record profits.

Welcome to the wild west of politics.

There’s a growing call to stop this revolving door between the political elite and industry. BC Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau is proposing a bill that would change B.C.’s Conflict of Interest Act, creating a two-year “cooling off period” for ministers after they retire, putting us in line with federal laws.

But Furstenau’s bill will die quietly unless more MLAs support these basic reforms. Will you write to your local representative and ask where they stand?

With an election coming next year, voters are starting to wonder who in B.C. politics is polishing up their resumes instead of focusing on what's good for the people. We shouldn’t have to wonder who our representatives are actually working for.
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