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Marineland, is a themed zoo and amusement... park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The park has performing marine animal shows, exhibits of marine and land animals, and amusement rides. It keeps dolphins, sea lions, and beluga whales. Until 1979 , the park also kept walruses and orcas.

Why is it normal for animals to be kept for our Entertainment, marine land has stolen freedom from animals, an orca prison, lies to the public, and the equivalent to living in the bathtub. a tank’s too small for animals, like whales and dolphins to live in, where you are crammed in an confined with a life sapped to dullness and depression. The Niagara Falls aquarium was indicted in December 2021 after Animal Justice filed a legal complaint withthe Niagara Police Department. Since 2019, it has become a crime to use whales and dolphins inentertainment performances. The practice was banned at the same time Congress passed sweeping newlaws to phase out the capture of whales and dolphins. However, the ban did not stop Marineland fromcontinuing to use dolphins and beluga whales in its daily shows, which it describes as "educationalperformances."

No matter how you treat the animals there, they’re WILD animals, and they are under a lot of pressure performing.
There are many incidents where animals and people died. Yet we somehow don’t care about what hurts them. What’s the right answer? SHUT DOWN MARINELAND! They lie about animals and don’t care about the stress they put on them. When people think they arelearning about the biology of these animals, they are actually witnessinglies. Still, we’ve heard of Blackfish.They are still lying about everything that happened, but what Marineland is saying too. Does Marinelandsound like a reliable source to you?

Have you ever seen a tank? Some animals even try to commit self-euthanasia in order to escape such cruelty. In the wild, killer whales live free, healthy and happy lives up to 60-70 years, with loving familiesand joys. , locked up in prison and living an unhealthy life. Wild killer whales rarely have a sunken dorsalfin, in fact only 1%. Captive killer whales are common because they have unhealthy fins. A "trainer" isnot a trained biologist. close Marineland!

Widely regarded as the zoo’s most famous resident, Kiska was captured off the coast of Iceland in the late1970s and spent most of the 44 or so years in captivity, 10 years completely isolated in a concrete tank.lived in the state Killer whales, also known as killer whales, are highly intelligent and social animals thatexist in family structures in wild herds. Unfortunately, Kiska passed away in March 2023. She was the lastcaptive killer whale in Canada. All five of the calves she gave birth to in Marineland died young, and some of the more than 60 animalskept in the park are believed to have died, leaving the public in a state of turmoil for years. , haveexpressed concerns about the health and treatment of calves in the park. Her physical and mentalcondition continues to visibly deteriorate. A series of viral videos shared on social media over the past fewweeks (including one posted yesterday) show how dejected and even self-harming Kiska has become,leading to her being moved to a sanctuary. has again urged the park to be closed.

At the time of writing this article, Marineland has 51 beluga whales. One he was captured in Russia’sBarents Sea in 1979. Twenty-two were captured in other Russian waters, primarily in the Sea of ​​Okhotsknorth of Japan. And 28 were born in Marineland and did not know the sea. In addition, he had 33 deathsin the facility, many of them at much younger ages than would be expected in the wild. Four of them werestillborn. (In the natural environment, baby beluga whales are born and raised as members of a largefamily. Young mothers need the help and guidance of their elders to care for their calves, but that support isusually not available in captivity.) Perhaps the most shocking death was at Marineland in 2011. Born in 2012,Scoot died in 2012. She was killed by two older men and attacked so hard she could not escape.Marineland owner John Horler said his Starscoot had meningitis. And in a letter to the newspaper,Marineland veteran Dr. June Margle said Scoot "died after a sudden onset of illness" caused by an "acutebacterial infection." Sadly, it seems we know more about the deaths of these belugas than we know about their lives.

The reason for this petition is to close Marineland. All animals have a chance to live their best life, and we’re trying to prove why you shouldn’t buy a ticket. Buying a ticket just makes more money for thefounders and the people working to harm the animals. why should you be part of it?

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