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I can't thank you enough. r1

I can't thank you enough, Paov.

I'm so grateful to you and everyone in this movement who rose up over the last couple of years to demand climate action from the Trudeau government. With the release of the Sustainable Jobs Plan, and the legislation that will follow shortly, we're seeing the impact of our work and the tide is beginning to turn.

We want to celebrate this movement, so we came up with five designs for a brand new 350 sticker! 350 is one of the largest global climate organizations in history — and you can let people know you're a part of it with a 350 sticker.

Before we launch, Paov, we need your advice: Which sticker design do you like the most?

We can only pick one design to print so we need your help to choose. Can you take a moment to vote for your favourite sticker design?

Five different sticker designs

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Ever since the first 350 Day of Action on October 24, 2009, ahead of COP15 in Copenhagen, this movement has been fighting to resist the corrupt power of the fossil fuel industry, organize our communities, and demand action to improve the lives of all people.

On that day, we mobilized people in 181 countries to come together with one message for world leaders: We need a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty to stay below 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And since then, we've continued to fight for a better, cleaner and more just future in every corner of the globe.

Here in Canada, together with thousands of people from across the country, we've organized mass days of action, hosted town halls, sent letters to the editor, kept the pressure on our politicians with emails, phone calls, and in-person actions; we marched, rallied and took creative actions like flooding Trudeau's office with green job applications — all to make the government finally take our demands for just transition legislation seriously. And it worked!

It's activists like you, Paov — the heart and life of this movement — that make our work possible. So we want to make sure you get to choose our new sticker design and have a say in how you want 350 to be represented.

From the very beginning, 350 was so much more than a name. It's a rallying cry, and a demand. Seeing it written out on banners, posters, billboards and protest signs is a reminder that it is incredibly powerful to have 350 visually represented for the world to see. That's why we're excited to launch a new sticker.

We're going to count the votes next week — so be sure to let us know what you think as soon as you can!

You'll be able to put your sticker on your laptop, water bottle, phone case, or wherever you want to let everyone know that you're part of this global climate movement.

Thanks for voting,

Chris Gusen
Canada Senior Digital Specialist

P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks because we want to send YOU the winning sticker!

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