Stop the destruction of the last cedar forest on Burke Mountian

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Stop the destruction of the last cedar forest on Burke Mountian

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Hectares of forests along with sensitive habitats and fragile eco systems have

been destroyed on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam. Houses and Townhomes

now make up the whole side of the mountain, ending near the very top of it.

The last cedar forest at the low side of the mountain, where all else is, or will

be absolutely densified, now, is the last cedar forest: small, but big enough for

a park, and the city of Coquitlam has it now internally approved as a site for

development, without anyone knowing that this cedar forest is the last one,

that there are 100-150 year and older tall trees in an intact forest with the

mountain draining through it through an aquifer under it, that culminates down

a bit lower at a slight elevation change into two creeks and wet land.

As the approval process goes, this petition will be considered as the first

reading , when people finally see the size of the trees to be cut down for

a townhouse project for the first time, and see that the cedar giants could have walking trails amongst them for generations to come, a densified area of townhomes will have a place for people to visit and stand in awe of the grand park that is in their neighborhood. As the east side of Burke Mountain will be heavily developed, the loss of this grand tall forest and the habitat loss would be damaging to the local wild life as bears, deer, cougars and links use this area

to pass through and bed down at night, while eagles and ravens and the resident

humming birds along with wood peckers and many other birds pray on the

huge frog population in the wet land just below where the pacific tree frog

lives and use this old rain forest and its trees as a home. Can we wipe out the eco systems this forest held for generations ?.This forest is big enough to hold

a micro climate of water, moisture and contribute with a local impact

while holding a microclimate. This forest filters tons of pollutants

and each tall tree sequesters 22 tons of carbon in its life time while

creating oxygen for all near and far. How could we even think about

cutting this forest down and not think of the land sales money and

the taxes that come yearly from this 100 or similar size proposed townhouse

complex to come from another piece of land that is not as flat for a park in

a different place,

and save nature that is so important in this forest for generations to come.

Or think in density numbers, to save this beautiful gem and add density

via townhomes somewhere where single family was proposed.

The compromise here is that another townhouse complex is to be

built on the same property on the south east side very near the wet land and

creek that will damage just the same but saving the old growth rain forest

and the eco system there while providing a park is a sound compromise.

Please see the maps included. will be downloaded as soon as

its possible as addition of images is down right now.

The triangulation of this property Coquitlam B.C. is Rocklin st. to the east

Burke village blvd to the north and Dollar Crescent to the west.

Lets think world class destination in an urban setting where

animals of all kinds can be them selves as they do not know any different

due to their instincts.

The loss

The many old trees, the plants, bio and micro organisms and animals,

that would give way to hard surfaces and concrete being poured

into a foundation forest floor that used to be an aquifer, will have irreversible

and damaging consequences to the local in ground water and the two creeks culminating at the lower edge of this property that drain into a wet land and continue beyond as a creek will have a townhouse complex foundations as a source for its’ pristine and crystal clear water?.

We all have the responsibility to designate this as a Central park of

Burke mountain where all people will come to be with giant trees

and with nature for generations to come. While this old forest will become a world class destination. We can be proud we live in a place where people from all

over the world will visit this grand stand of cedars, while stopping and vacationing in any part

of Vancouver.

Housing can be built on other

land that is already owned by the city to help to save this Jewel of Burke


Can all people concerned about the rate at which forests are being cut down

all around the world, and the People of Coquitlam , please contact the

Mayor of Coquitlam and the local Coquitlam MLA , Fin Donnelly.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also contact the minister for environment, Honourable

George Heyman : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and the minister of forests , Honourable

Doug Donaldson : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This property is approved for development but does not have

an active development application.

here is a video describing the exact location.

please see the development site link for Coquitlam

zoom in after you enter, to the corner of Burke Village blvd to the North of the property, Rocklin to the East and Dollar crsnt to the West of it.

the map is also in the youtube video with the link down below.

youtube video to get to know the Crown Jewel of Burke Mountain

If we do not act, senseless destruction of an old forest will happen.

Please help.

NEW UPDATE HERE, March 28, 2023

Please see new images at the very top of this page.

First image was given to me via the City of Coquitlam Development Planning department at the very beginning, and shows in Brown at top 1/3 of the land, where zoning has been

changed and applied for this land to have possible townhomes.

Second image shows a good look at the real trees in an aerial view.

The third image from top shows the rough plan for the use of this land.

None of that proposal is concrete and is subject to council approval.

You will see the Head Water protection in the middle of the forest and

the light density residential on the North West , top left side of the

land being really close to the biggest trees on the property that are right on the corner, There are no townhome complexes on Burke Mountain that have big trees only a few feet away from their buildings!. This means the biggest trees on the top of the property are not protected, and same case for any of the

trees in the proposed head water, therefore, the City

always leaves the trees at peril in the future development process,

The Head Water protection does not guarantee any protection for all

trees in this fragile ecosystem. The best solution is to press the local

government towards assigning land on the south west side, down

under the planned light residential space, where the park space has been

added along the side of the property, and swap the land from there

for the top corner where the biggest trees are and have the developer

design the townhome complex lower than it is now proposed to be

situated. As this type of land swap is never proposed by the city in mind

to protect trees and zone the land swap into the property first, and design buildings later.

We can not leave these

beautiful cedar trees to be decided upon with developer money, but

make a sound choice to protect all trees now. TOTAL expansion of the head water

protection to the whole width of this land is necessary, as any disruption of incoming water into the aquafer from side or top of property that travels in the water table under the trees will cut off the pattern of water

usage by these big trees. They are very sensitive to any change and

as they are also very sensitive to the heat and to the hot summer spells

we are having, these trees will not survive any change in the water table

diversion. It is imperative the aquafer is not altered in any way during the

construction of the light residential housing along the top and side of the trees.

It also important this forest is designated as a park and not fenced as some

sensitive area that no one can access. The case where this may happen

is when the city plans the head water protection with an environmental study

"backing", where the study will only make a head water space very near

the start of the creeks , tens of feet above them only, meaning trees only

near the creeks will be protected and the protected area being fenced

and rest of trees being cut down. This scenario plays out over and over all

over Burke Mountain, around a creek, land is protected but not the trees

near by , That is why a whole mountain of forests is gone.

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