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Over 1,200 of you participated in our strategy survey, which is a clear testament to your motivation to make sure we’re as effective as possible in the fight for climate justice. r1

Hi Paov,

A few weeks ago we sent out a survey on 350 Canada’s strategic direction. Over 1,200 of you participated, which is a clear testament to your motivation to make sure we’re as effective as possible in the fight for climate justice.

We don’t want to make sweeping generalizations, but some themes kept coming up, giving us valuable insights into where we should focus our efforts for the rest of the year. Let me give you a sneak peek into what you told us and how it’s shaping our plans.

Push for real climate solutions, but don’t abandon the fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground

We asked which campaign goal energized you the most: building the good through a just transition to clean energy, stopping the bad by eroding Big Oil’s influence over the energy transition, or building the movement by training and expanding a network of climate activists. "Build the good" got the most votes, but many of you rightly pointed out that these... three goals are interconnected. To solve the climate crisis, we must stop burning fossil fuels, but to make that possible, we need a powerful climate movement, inspired by proven climate solutions and a clear vision of a better world.

A pie chart showing the responses to our survey question 'Which of the following approaches is most energizing to you?' The choice are 1) Stop the bad - Erode big oil's influence over the energy transition, 2) Build the good - Implement a just transition to renewable energy, and 3) Build the movement - Train and expand our mass movement. 48% of respondents chose build the good, 37% chose stop the bad, and 15% chose build the movement.

We also saw this theme of interconnected goals in your responses to the question about specific campaigns. The most popular demands were "end fossil fuel subsidies" and "a moratorium on fossil fuel expansion," but solutions-focused demands like "a zero-emissions, affordable, climate-resilient electricity system" and "affordable and renewable energy-powered housing" came in third and fourth.

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear from us about a plan we’ve been working on with the Council of Canadians to help you build power in your communities this summer. Together, we’ll push MPs to deliver the bold and ambitious just transition legislation we need. At the same time, we’ll keep Big Oil in the hot seat with campaigns calling on the Trudeau government to tax windfall profits and end fossil fuel subsidies.

Improve how we bring new people into the movement and develop them as leaders

One comment that really struck me came from a new supporter who said "I'm really unsure what it is to be active in the climate movement." Others pointed out that while we do a good job of getting new people involved in mobilizations like our national days of action, we haven’t effectively connected them with local groups and could provide more opportunities to learn what it means to be a climate activist and organizer for the long haul.

That’s a big obstacle to our movement’s growth, one that we’re excited to start changing with the help of two experienced organizers who just joined our team. Johanna and Jill will be going on a "listening tour" this summer, having conversations with existing chapters and local climate justice groups to understand how we can better support you. We’ll also relaunch our organizing network, an online community where new and existing members of the climate movement connect and collaborate on campaigns. Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved.

Build a big, unified movement and organize large-scale mobilizations again

Many of you expressed a desire for more unity and coordination across the movement so we can effectively demonstrate our power in the streets. You’ll be glad to hear that we’re working with our allies to plan a big, national day of action for this fall. We’ll be ready to share more details soon, so stay tuned.

Alongside practical feedback about how we can improve, many of you shared beautiful reflections on the better world you’re fighting for. You talked about a world powered by renewable energy, with clean air, water, and thriving ecosystems. You described a world where we prioritize community and interdependence over competition and materialism, where we value the preservation of our planet, all people, and future generations over short-term gains, and where everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities. You told us that imagining this world filled you with relief, hope, and joy. That’s how it makes me feel too.

This summer and fall, we have a perfect opportunity to put the feedback you’ve shared with us into practice. We’ll be fuelled by that beautiful vision of a better world that we know is within reach.

I can’t wait.

In solidarity,

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