What happened to all the forest fires?

What happened to all the forest fires? r1 ... r71 | Add us to your address book Smokey sky in Halifax Burnt pine needles When the fires around Halifax started burning, the sky quickly turned orange and smoky, and burnt pine needles rained down on my house about 15km from where the fires burned.

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“Out of sight, out of mind.” That is what happens to the conversation every time.

When smoke from wildfires drifted into our major cities and into the U.S., wildfires were the lead story on the local and national news networks every day. Climatologists explained the link between the climate crisis and wildfires, and why more wildfires are going to become the norm. Everyone was concerned.

Whenever I met with someone, either here where I live in Halifax or online across the country, the first topic of discussion was, “How is the air quality where you are? Are you alright?” Every conversation included tips about how to cope with smoke: wear a mask if you have to go outside, keep your windows shut, and lay low until it passes.

Then the winds changed. The smoke was no longer in our eyes, and so the news cycle moved on.

But the wildfires are still burning. According to the CBC, as of June 6th, over four million hectares have already burned. This surpasses the annual total for every year going back to 2016. And this is expected to be just the beginning.

Well, my eyes still hurt from the smoke, but they’re wide open about the crisis in front of us. At the Council of Canadians, none of us have forgotten about the wildfires. That is why I am asking for your support in our climate work by making a financial donation right now.

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By making that donation you are also joining a movement made up of thousands of Council of Canadians supporters and our allies across Canada. Together, we are working on a just transition to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce emissions by at least 60% below 2005 levels by 2030
  • Wind down the fossil fuel industry in Canada
  • Centre Indigenous peoples, their knowledge, and their sovereignty, and ensure justice for migrant peoples
  • Expand the social safety net so people and communities can thrive through the transition
  • Establish new public institutions to make this transition possible
  • Raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy to pay for it

Will you help support our work and help fight the climate crisis? Please donate right now.

Thank you for your support.

Robin Tress Sincerely,

Robin Tress
Co-Executive Director
The Council of Canadians

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