Today was a big day but were not done

Thank you. We are blown away by the powerful day of action today. r1


I’m writing to you from Toronto, which unfortunately has become the third city in Canada this month to experience the world’s worst air quality due to smoke from devastating wildfires across the country.1 This morning, I woke up to a special air quality statement from Environment Canada, cautioning against outdoor exposure and emphasizing the severity of the situation.

Yet, despite these warnings, people across the city masked up and gathered at MP offices today to make sure their voices were heard. These actions were part of over 30 similar events across the country, demanding urgent action on the climate emergency.

Before I share more, I want to be clear: today was such a powerful day, but it was also a stark reminder of how much work lies ahead. Will you make a contribution to help make sure this is just the beginning? Every little bit will help build the momentum we need to win.

Here are some of my favourite moments from the day:

I’m not exaggerating when I say hundreds of people in my city, and beyond, risked their health today to take action. I am so angry that this is what it takes to wake our federal leaders up to the urgency of the climate crisis.

They just don’t seem to get it. Just last week, Members of Parliament adjourned for an early summer vacation while unprecedented fires blazed across the country. And on Monday, Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson co-hosted Shell’s global Board of Directors meeting.

While we make big sacrifices to demand an end to fossil fuel expansion and a just transition to 100% renewable energy, our leaders are stalling climate action and courting the very fossil fuel companies responsible for this crisis.

That’s why we have ambitious plans to make sure our politicians feel the heat in the weeks and months ahead. But unlike those who are fuelling the crisis, we aren’t backed by billions of dollars. Our work is powered by small donations from people like you.

If you believe in what we do, please consider making an investment. Every dollar we receive is very much appreciated and will go towards building the people power we need in order to win.

Thank you so much to every single one of you who took action today. Whether you hosted or joined a nearby action, were among the hundreds who called their MPs, or helped spread the word about the urgent need for decisive action — thank you.

We can do this. Together.



PS - We will keep our Day of Action site updated with the latest photos and media coverage from today. Check it out here.

1: Toronto Star is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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