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news and action Friday June 30, 2023 Remember this?

Two years ago, a heat dome hit B.C. and made it one of the hottest places on Earth. More than 600 people died, along with an estimated one billion sea creatures.

It should’ve been a wake-up call. But too little has changed.

Oil and gas lobbyists are still crawling all over the B.C. legislature, bending the ears of cabinet ministers and other high-ranking decision makers.

Day after day, fossil fuel companies are chipping away at the already pathetically small amount of climate headway the province is making.

Shell, Fortis and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers aren’t stepping aside gracefully in the face of hard evidence and clear signs we need to change our economy or die.

Oh no.

They’re using every trick in the book to hold onto power and keep the public confused or in the dark. They hire lobbying firms to persuade politicians, blanket public spaces like the BC Ferries with advertising campaigns and worm their way into local politics to get even more of our homes hooked to their dirty fuel.

What gas companies don’t want is for communities to come together around a hopeful vision for the future. A movement of organized people committed to renewable energy is their biggest obstacle. That’s why they spend so much time trying to undermine the climate movement.

But they can’t stop us. Last night in Surrey, friends and neighbours came together by candlelight to honour and mourn the people they lost in the 2021 heat dome – and talk about how to stop this from happening again. It’s important to lean on each other through our shared loss and frustration.

As the summer carries on, we’ll be looking for more ways to find our friends and neighbours and fight back against industry propaganda. I hope you will, too.
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