NHL Pride Night

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PAOV — Last week, the NHL announced that teams would not wear Pride-themed warmup jerseys during Pride and Hockey is for Everyone nights across the league. The announcement came after a minority of players refused to wear Pride-themed jerseys earlier this year. The Get REAL Movement are pushing back against the NHL’s decision, urging the league to be a safe and inclusive space for their players, staff, and fans. Join them by signing the petition now.

Keep Pride in the Game

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Keep Pride in the Game is a campaign in response to the uproar caused by professional hockey players declining to wear Pride warm-up jerseys during the previous season.

This campaign aims to promote the importance of league-wide support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community by highlighting that it loses its significance without the backing of the entire league. The launch of this initiative coincides with the NHL’s recent decision to prohibit the use of Pride jerseys in the future.

The public’s attention will be on the NHL as they host their entry draft event in Nashville, TN, marking their first appearance since this announcement on June 28.

Hockey should be for EVERYONE.

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