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BC Government, Stop BC Timber Sales Logging Sunshine Coast Old Growth Recruitment Areas!

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Help Us Save Future Old Growth Rainforest on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia! This summer BC Timber Sales... (BCTS) will log proposed cut block TA0521, and subsequently cut blocks TA0048 and TA0519 directly above the community of Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast.

We are asking the BC Government to stop BCTS from logging all these areas and to preserve them as future old growth sites, to save our community watersheds and watershed protection forest from irreversible damage.

What does this forest represent?

Future Old Growth: The proposed BCTS cut block TA0521 consists of 64% old growth recruitment forest. Meaning it has all the hallmarks of an old growth forest, and if left unharmed, would soon become one vs a one-time sale for clearcut logging.

Climate regulation and water protection: Intact forests are the most practical and economic way to tackle the climate crisis by storing water, creating shade, and recharging natural water systems. Over the past several years the Sunshine Coast has suffered severe drought and water shortages. Many homes rely on clean drinking water from creeks and streams within the proposed cut blocks.

Community protection from landslides and flooding: Clearcut logging contributes to flooding and landslide events. Clearcuts above our sloped community would expose residents to landslides, flash-floods, washouts, damage to our only two main roadways and extensive property damage. All four cut blocks within TA0521 are within 250m to 1km of homes.

Protect salmon spawning areas: Streams originating in the cut blocks are salmon-spawning areas. Any flooding, landslides and washouts caused by clear cutting would greatly affect these habitats.

Economic value of intact areas of natural beauty: Visitors are drawn to the Sunshine Coast from around the world because of these unique coastal rainforests. These forests are a natural beauty asset to our community as they provide the backdrop for countless local businesses that rely on the hospitality and tourism industry. The backbone of our local economy. For decades the Sunshine Coast was heavily logged, now, as we have shifted to a tourism based economy, it’s time to protect what’s left. The holistic value of the remaining forests greatly outweighs the one-time profit from the sale of its timber.

Thank you in advance for signing our petition!

Photo by Shel Neufeld.

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