Fair pay for all nurses?

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Fair Incentive for All Full-Time Nurses in Manitoba

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The background to this petition is as follows:

On February 17, 2023 The Manitoba... government announced it was creating nine initiatives to retain and recruit nurses, with $123 million in funding from the Health Human Resource Action Plan.

This announcement is creating division between nurses in Manitoba and has many considering either retiring or quitting, as it does not include ALL full-time nurses.

The incentive was for nurses who have the equivalent of a full-time position and who work in a qualifying position with a rotation pattern, which includes days and evening/night shifts, to receive an additional premium of up to $10,000 per year.

This came into effect in January 2023 and will be paid out to eligible nurses in January 2024. It is estimated that 3,600 nurses may qualify for this premium, representing an estimated $36 million.

Nurses often have to work many years of shift work before they are able to get a “days only” job.

This incentive is making nurses with years of experience consider quitting their jobs because they will not be receiving the same bonus that is being offered to those with the equivalent of a full-time position who work in a qualifying position with a rotation.

These nurses often bring 30+ years of nursing experience to the table and this would be a huge loss of both mentorship and knowledge.

It is unfair, and not inclusive of the day nurses who often provide more care to patients on their shift than those who work other shifts. It is causing division and animosity between many nurses.

We, the nurses of Manitoba, are petitioning the Provincial Government to revise this incentive to include ALL nurses who have the equivalent of a full-time position to be included in the bonus offer. We cannot afford to lose more nurses from the workforce.

We stand up and speak out in support of each other.

We sign this in solidarity.

The Nurses of Manitoba.

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