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On Monday, the average worldwide temperature was the hottest ever recorded. But that record only lasted 24 hours. Yesterday was even hotter. r1


We just passed a terrifying milestone.

On Monday, the average worldwide temperature was the hottest ever recorded. But that record only lasted 24 hours. Yesterday was even hotter.1

You don’t need to be a climate scientist to understand that we’re in uncharted territory. Canada is in the middle of an unprecedented wildfire crisis and a major heatwave is scorching Ontario and Quebec.2 Millions of people around the world are suffering through record heat too. Even Antarctica is sizzling.3

The planet couldn’t be sounding the alarm any clearer. And people are sounding the alarm too, like we did during last week’s Canada is Burning Day of Action.4

It’s infuriating to watch our federal government continue to ignore the need for faster climate action while treating the worst polluters on the planet like trustworthy partners.

That’s why we just launched a new petition demanding that Prime Minister Trudeau and key cabinet ministers strengthen the Sustainable Jobs Act they introduced in Parliament last month. Paov, can you take a moment to add your name now?


The Sustainable Jobs Act is supposed to be the just transition legislation that Trudeau first promised in 2019. Unfortunately, in its current form, it leaves a lot to be desired. It has no specificity, no urgency, and it doesn’t refer to a "just transition" once. Worst of all, it leaves the door wide open for fossil fuel industry influence.

Let’s make it clear to Trudeau and his ministers: Big Oil cannot shape our plans for a sustainable future. Instead, we need a plan that’s led by communities, Indigenous peoples, and workers. Our petition calls on the federal government to make three big improvements to the Act:

  1. Don’t give Big Oil a seat on the Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council, which will advise Ministers on the plan.
  2. Accelerate the timeline and define "sustainable jobs" to ensure they will enable a rapid, just transition to 100% renewable energy, in line with climate science.
  3. Ensure justice for all by following Indigenous leadership, resourcing community-based climate solutions, and ensuring "sustainable jobs" offer decent, unionized work.

MPs will debate the draft when Parliament resumes in September, so now is our chance to send a strong message that Canadians want bold legislation that deals with the reality of the climate emergency and makes sure no one gets left behind. I hope you'll take action with us, Paov. There isn’t a moment to waste!


In solidarity,


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  4. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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