Missing and murdered Indigenous women

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PAOV — The Manitoba government has said they will not support a search for at least two murdered Indigenous women in a landfill near Winnipeg. You can make a difference by signing now to join Travis in demanding a search of the landfill to find the remains of these women.

Search Brady and Prairie Green Landfills for Missing Remains in Winnipeg

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• The Winnipeg Police will not search the Landfills even though they believe that the remains of Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran and Buffalo Woman are at one or both sites.

• We need to demand that dumping stops at both sites and find a temporary area, regardless of costs, so there is no further interference or delays with the search.

• These Women Deserve to be honored and brought home to their families. Questions need answered and Justice to be served.

• Without finding the bodies it could prevent true Justice to be served when sentencing their Killer.

• Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has become Canada’s ground zero for MMIWG2S (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirit) cases and we need to stand together and demand that all of our Women deserve to feel safe, cared for and that nothing should get in the way of Justice.

• The lack of commitment to search these areas goes against the 231 Calls For Justice as set out by the Final Report.

• This petition is asking that the City of Winnipeg forces the WPS to search these grounds and to ask for assistance from Provincial and Federal Governments to complete the searches. Let’s demand that the red tape is cut and Politics are put aside. The faster we get these beautiful Women home the sooner they can have healing and closure.

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