Last push for an effective Canada Water Agency

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Dear Friend,

It’s been four long years since the Liberals committed to establishing the Canada Water Agency to “keep our water safe, clean and well-managed.” It has been a remarkably slow process with a constantly delayed deadline. Now, it looks like the earliest we can hope for the Agency to begin fulfilling its mandate is sometime in early 2024.

Over the intervening years, thousands of our supporters have asked the Trudeau government to make the Canada Water Agency a truly capable and independent entity – one that could implement the human right to water and sanitation, improve standards for regulating dangerous contaminants such as lead in our drinking water, and protect our lakes and rivers from risky megaprojects.

Please take a moment to tell the Prime Minister that there is no time to waste. He must immediately fulfill his pledge to establish the Canada Water Agency and ensure it has the power and resources to be effective.


The good news is that the latest federal budget substantially increased the funds available for this agency. That increase, along with the repeated delays in the process, are viewed by some as indications that the agency will perhaps have more independence and authority than expected.

Unfortunately, it has also become clear that our freshwater resources are in much greater jeopardy than anyone expected. It seems like a new extreme weather record is broken every day. Massive forest fires, record droughts, destructive floodwaters, killer heat waves – the impacts of climate change are occurring so much faster and stronger than predicted and we are not prepared.

Decades of corporate-centered government policies have undermined the critical water infrastructures that support our communities, leaving them especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Reversing this trend will require strong federal leadership and a sense of urgency that is commensurate with the scale of the problem. The Canada Water Agency could play a central role in strengthening water protections, supporting communities fighting to save local water resources, and coordinating efforts between all levels of government.

We must do everything in our power to adapt and prepare for an uncertain climate future.

It isn’t too late but there is no time to waste. Please send your email to Prime Minister Trudeau today.



Mark Calzavara
National Water Campaigner
The Council of Canadians

P.S. For further reading, see the The Council of Canadians submission to the Canada Water Agency Consultation, and The Canada Water Agency: All carrot, no stick. Share Share Tweet Tweet Forward Forward

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