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These are selling out faster than we expected. r1

Hi Paov,

I'm going to keep this email quick:

Our limited-edition 'Take Back Our Future' stickers are very close to selling out. In fact, I expect that in a few hours we'll have run out of stickers.

So before that happens, I wanted to give you one more chance to claim your own sticker today:

Take Back Our Future


This sticker represents everything we're about here at 350 Canada — taking our future OUT of the hands of fossil fuel companies and putting it back into OUR hands.

It's a message that you'll help spread wherever you decide to put your sticker. It might even be the inspiration that gets someone new to join our movement.

But we only printed a small batch of these limited-edition stickers, and we're going... to run out very soon...

So if you haven't already, claim your limited-edition 'Take Back Our Future' sticker before they're gone.


Thanks again for reading this quick note. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

In solidarity,

Chris Gusen
Canada Senior Digital and Communications Specialist is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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