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news and action Friday July 14, 2023 The world’s largest fossil fuel conference, LNG 2023, was held in Vancouver this week.

As the world is increasingly rocked by climate change, gas execs and rich CEOs want to frack and burn more methane.

Security guards kept the public from entering the venue, including a few reporters. But dozens of Frack Free BC activists managed to plug up the entrance with a “die in”.

On cue, everybody dropped to the pavement to symbolize the rising death toll from gas-fuelled climate disasters. Oil and gas reps literally had to step around their bodies to get into their conference....

We heard a key focus of the conference is cracking open B.C.’s Montney gas formation (the sixth-largest carbon bomb on the planet). And companies like Shell and Petronas want more pipelines and gas terminals on the B.C. coast.

We can’t let gas companies lock B.C. into an economy dependent on the use and sale of fracked gas, conveniently ignoring the dwindling appetite investors are showing in fossil fuel projects.

If we do nothing, we’ll be chained to a dirty and dying product of the past while the rest of the world takes the lead into the future.
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