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PAOV — The summer heat is reaching record temperatures, leaving people concerned about the risk to dogs that are left in cars. In Florida, Walmart has seen a positive impact from making hourly announcements to customers to not leave their dogs in cars. Petition starter Sharon is asking Walmart Canada to do the same. You can help save pets this summer by signing Sharon’s petition now.

Implement Life-Saving Reminders in Canadian Walmart Stores

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As concerned citizens, we urge Walmart Canada to take immediate action and implement a crucial safety measure that has already proven successful in Florida stores and potentially across the country. We request that Walmart stores in Canada make hourly announcements during the summer months as a "gentle reminder" to shoppers about the dangers of leaving pets or children unattended in hot vehicles.

With our climate getting hotter each year, it is imperative for us to address this issue proactively. According to data from, an average of 39 children die annually due to heatstroke after being left alone in vehicles. Additionally, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association reports that even on mild days with temperatures around 22°C (72°F), the temperature inside a car can reach up to 47°C (116°F) within an hour.

By implementing this simple yet effective practice, we can potentially save lives and prevent countless cases of distress for both animals and children. The success of similar initiatives at Walmart stores in Florida indicates that this approach is not only feasible but also highly impactful.

We understand that raising awareness about this issue is crucial; however, relying solely on signage may not be enough. By making hourly announcements throughout the store premises during peak shopping hours, we can ensure that every shopper receives a timely reminder about their responsibility towards their loved ones.

Walmart’s commitment to customer safety has been evident through various initiatives implemented over time. This includes measures such as cart sanitization during COVID-19 and providing wheelchair accessibility for individuals with disabilities. By extending these efforts towards preventing tragedies caused by vehicular heatstroke incidents, Walmart will further solidify its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to community well-being.

We acknowledge that implementing these reminders may require additional resources; however, safeguarding lives should always remain our top priority. We believe it is essential for corporations like Walmart Canada to take a proactive stance in protecting the vulnerable members of our society.

Therefore, we, the concerned citizens of Canada, call upon Walmart Canada to immediately adopt this life-saving practice and make hourly announcements during the summer months as a "gentle reminder" for shoppers about the potential dangers of leaving pets or children unattended in hot vehicles. Let us work together to ensure that no more lives are lost due to preventable incidents.

Thank you for your attention and commitment towards creating a safer environment for all Canadians.


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