Record heat, record profits

Help us hit 5,000 signatures against Big Oil's influence on our climate policies. r1


There is truly no limit to Big Oil’s greed.

Extreme heat is causing chaos around the world right now, and scientists agree that Earth will keep getting hotter unless we rapidly phase out oil, gas and coal. But as millions of people suffer, fossil fuel companies are quietly walking back the climate pledges they made just a few years ago.1

In order to boost profits, oil giants BP, Exxon, Shell and Total have all recently abandoned much-publicized plans to cut emissions.2 As temperatures started to soar last month, the CEO of Shell even told journalists that cutting oil and gas production would be “dangerous and irresponsible”.3

It’s outrageous that, at this make-or-break moment in the climate crisis, our government is still treating these companies like good faith partners. That’s why we just launched a petition calling on Trudeau and key cabinet ministers to reject Big Oil’s attempts to water down the Sustainable Jobs Act. Paov, can you help us hit our next milestone of 5,000 signatures by adding your name now?


Paov, Big Oil will do anything in their reckless pursuit of profit and the rest of us are paying the price. More than 900 wildfires are burning across Canada right now. Two firefighters have been killed.4 Last week, a nine-year old boy in B.C. died after a severe asthma attack made worse by the smoke engulfing the province.5

But these unspeakable tragedies won’t move fossil fuel companies — their whole purpose is profiting from the dangerous products driving the climate crisis. And our only hope for a liveable future is phasing them out. It’s crucial that all of us speak up and tell the Trudeau government to get on the right side of history.

Sign the petition and help us send Ottawa a strong message.

In solidarity,


PS - Parliament has adjourned, but as MPs connect with their constituents over the summer, we are turning up the heat. All through the summer, people across the country will show up to grill our MPs on their support for just transition legislation. Click here to learn more and join in.

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