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Stop The Toxic PFA Factory In North Bay

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Industrial Plastics Canada is opening a site near Lake Nipissing. Industrial Plastics uses toxic chemicals... that will contaminate Lake Nipissing and our air. They are dubbed “forever chemicals” because they stay around in the air and water and are very hard to get rid of. It is almost impossible to reverse the damage that’s going to be done.

All of North Bay will feel the impact of this site, as polyfluoroalkyl chemicals are known to cause significant health threats and exposure to PFA’s in any matter can be extremely harmful, especially when our drinking water is contaminated. They are known to cause birth defects, cancer, immune disorders, insulin deregulation, etc. Wildlife is no exception as they will certainly suffer as well.

If we do not take action now, this plastic plant will contaminate our beautiful home and our residents will become ill. North Bay officials have come out and said that this plant is entirely safe, but we know better than to import raw PFA’s into our city, it is not safe at all and we should all be concerned.

Please help in our fight to stop this plant.

Bently Roberts & Sadie Proulx (Miss Teen Earth Canada)

For more information:
Borts-Kuperman, L. (2023, July 6). Chemicals are forever: A new factory opens near Lake Nipissing, where water is already contaminated. The Narwhal.

McKee, J., & Bertrand, D. (2023, July 12). Northern Ont. residents concerned about new plastic plant. ctvnews.


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