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PAOV — Ontario premier Doug Ford has announced plans to mine in the Ring of Fire, a mineral-rich area of Northern Ontario, for minerals used in electric vehicle battery production. First Nations communities are speaking out, stressing that they were not consulted about plans to develop on their land. Environmental experts are also concerned that this development could accelerate the impact of climate change in the area. Riley started a petition to show support for First Nations communities — sign now to join them.

Stop the Mining of Ontario’s Ring of Fire

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The Ring of Fire is a homeland for 33 First Nation communities. First Nations have protected rights to use the land, and these rights have been reaffirmed repeatedly in Canadian courts.

The Ring of Fire region in addition has a diverse number of species. Which include plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fishes, and mammals. These include species at risk like caribou, wolverines, and lake sturgeon.

Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford have already agreed on allowing Ministry of Mines to mine minerals on The Ring of Fire which is the First Nation’s land. And have agreed before the First Nation’s even agreed to allow it as well.

They want the minerals for lithium-ion electric car batteries for companies like Volkswagen and Stellantis.

In case you are not aware, Electric Vehicles use lithium-ion batteries which are not as amazing as they have been brought up to be. Like many other batteries, lithium-ion batteries that power most electric vehicles rely on raw materials—like cobalt, lithium and rare earth elements—that have been linked to environmental and human rights concerns.

By signing this petition you are bringing more awareness to the destruction of the Ring of Fire and the many First Nations and life that call this land home.

To learn more about the Ring of Fire you can visit the link provided which goes to the official Ring of Fire page.


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