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Urgent: The Trudeau government could approve the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline in three days. 

We're teaming up with dozens of organizations across Canada to deliver hundreds of thousands of signatures right to Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa this week. Will you add your name now?

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The federal government could make its final decision on the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline on Monday.

For years, we've been fighting and organizing alongside First Nations and community members who are leading the fight to stop this megaproject. And now, we need your help to flood Trudeau with thousands of messages urging him to reject this project. 

Justin Trudeau: listen to First Nations and local communities and reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline now.

The Trudeau government was supposed to make its final decision on the pipeline months ago, but because of massive opposition and a review process the government itself admitted was flawed, it added a supplemental review to try and build support for the project. 

That process was also mired in controversy after it was revealed that one of the panel members had close ties to Kinder Morgan.  

Here's the thing the federal government doesn't seem to understand: the final decision always has been and always will be "no". No supplemental review process can change that, particularly a flawed one like this. Dozens of First Nations have formed a wall of opposition to the project, hundreds of thousands of community members have taken to the streets and online to protest this pipeline, and nine local governments have rejected the project.

And now, with days before the decision, we have to remind Trudeau that at the end of the day, he's going to have to answer to us. Because governments don't grant permission, communities do. 

Tell Trudeau to join First Nations and British Columbians and people across Canada to reject Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline.

First Nations who have lived off the land since time immemorial have said this project cannot be built. And without their free, prior and informed consent this project cannot go ahead. Those living along the project route know that it is not a question of if the pipeline will spill, but when. And there is no way that Kinder Morgan can mitigate the damage to the the orca population if this project is built: they will literally go extinct. 

The need to stop this project goes beyond national borders, and is a question of justice. By 2100, there will be 200 million climate refugees because shortsighted governments keep approving projects like this one.

We are not going to let this be another.

Over the weekend, thousands of people marched in the streets in Vancouver, and there were 50 vigils opposing the project throughout the country. The mayor of Vancouver himself warned of the massive protests if the project is approved -- and Kinder Morgan is so worried it’s been meeting with the RCMP, expecting massive resistance efforts in the scale organized by the brave water defenders at Standing Rock if the project is given a green light.

With the national spotlight on this project right now, let's remind Trudeau the whole world is watching.

Tell Trudeau to reject Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline.

Thanks for all you do,
Emma, Angus and the rest of the SumOfUs team


More information:

Kinder Morgan decision will have consequences for federal government and beyond, CBC News, 20 November 2016.



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