Internet Insider: Facebook in China, the FCC's death, and 8000 hacked computers

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November 26, 2016

Hi Paov,

More troubling developments this week continue to show that free expression is clearly under threat worldwide.

Though Trump’s declarative stance on the TPP may have rendered this gargantuan trade agreement obsolete in the United States, other international players such as Mexico continue to push forward with its invasive provisions. Facebook will soon set up shop in China thanks to the implementation of a new censorship tool. This falls nearly in-line with worldwide trends, as recent reports show 2016 as the sixth consecutive year of declining digital freedoms, two thirds of the world lives in countries that censor online content. It is imperative that we act NOW to change this situation.

While standing up for free expression is what we do, guaranteeing that all people have a voice online is made all the more difficult when different voices get different treatment. Trump’s appointment to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is publicly opposed net neutrality, and has called universal access and subsidies a “drag on the economy.” In fact, he’s eager to get rid of the FCC altogether.

It is undeniable that the Internet is becoming more and more of a frontline for pivotal global events - this is why powerful groups like the FBI are keeping a close eye on your information. Recent evidence has revealed that they hacked over 8000 computers last winter, all under a single warrant.

But the world is taking note of these egregious acts! Just last week, a Canadian senator introduced a law to protect journalists and whistleblowers, calling this “a fundamental principle.” More and more decision-makers are hearing your insistence that the Internet remain open and free. Let’s keep this pressure going!

With love for the Internet,


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