Nestlé outbids Ontarian town for its water

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A -- When SumOfUs members found out the Province of Ontario was charging just $3.71 to water companies like Nestlé for every million litres of water they take -- we sprang into action.

325,000 of us signed petitions to stop Nestlé water grab, and thousands more chipped in for radio ads targeting Nestlé in the small farming community, and to support a local group that has been bravely fighting Nestlé for years.

Thanks to your pressure, Ontario is considering a two-year ban on companies like Nestlé from taking water for profit! This is a big deal and wouldn’t have been possible without our pressure. Right now, the government is giving Ontarians another week to give public input on the proposed water ban, and we are asking the tens of thousands SumOfUs members that live in Ontario to add their voices. Our records indicate that you don’t live in Ontario, but you can still help to stop Nestlé spreading the word about our campaign.

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Nestlé is so nervous we will win that it’s pulling out all the dirty tricks it can, like bussing its employees to a town council hours before a special meeting on water permits so the public couldn’t sit in to comment.

We are nearing a deadline for Ontarians to comment on a two-year ban for companies like Nestlé to take water. And we've gotten this far on this campaign because of public pressure and you can help keep up the pressure by sharing this campaign with your friends.

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Thanks for all that you do,

Angus, Emma, Nicole and the rest of the SumOfUs team


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