The Fallen of WWII Sequel - Call For Feedback + Patrons

The Shadow Peace - The sequel to The Fallen of World War II

The Fallen of WWII sequel is near, and I can use your help.

Hard to believe, but it has been a year and a half since launching The Fallen of World War II, and the sequel is finally around the corner. Next week, I am sending a near-final cut to my collaborator Andy, who will compose the sound and music for the closing scenes.

For this episode I am inviting supporters to watch this cut in its entirety and provide feedback before launching it to the public. Feedback can be given in the form of an email to me, or if you choose, you can take part in a live discussion online with me and other supporters. Audience feedback is especially important for this episode because it ventures into a thorny discussion about maintaining peace in the age on nuclear weapons. 

The feedback session is also a fundraising effort. Those who already contributed $25 or more to the first film will be invited to participate (if they so choose). For those who haven't donated, I recently launched a Patreon crowdfunding campaign. You can watch a video and learn more on my Patreon page here:

Visit My Patreon Page In addition to rough cuts, Patreon backers will get access to special behind-the-scenes updates. For example, I am about to post something about recent discussions with some interesting folks on nuclear alliances.

As I come to the end of this episode, I start to wonder (like I did when finishing the WWII piece) how I can financially manage to produce this work independently.  As much as I dislike fundraising, I do depend on support from viewers to sustain the series. Plus, the more funds we raise, the less I need to work for clients, and the more quickly we can produce new episodes. My first goal is to produce new episodes in less than a year, and ultimately I'd like to hire help so that we can produce them in less than 6 months.

Thank you for following this project, and thank you for your support. I can't wait to share my latest creation with you!


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