The Power of the Past

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Today, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is particularly important to Roma communities, which face an array of challenges stemming from racism and discrimination. The reason is simple: By learning their history, Roma can forge their own sense of identity, and use that knowledge to educate other Roma and establish solidarity with members of their community. From Roma feminists fighting stereotypes to journalists reclaiming the story of their people, Roma are drawing on the history of their struggles to find new avenues of advocacy today.


United States

What the Trump Administration Needs to Know about Law Enforcement

A police officer stands by young girl sitting on a police motorcycle
A recent statement from the Trump administration suggests a misunderstanding about how community safety and effective law enforcement work.


Greece’s Public Health Crisis Is Hitting Migrants Especially Hard

A man sitting on a bench eating
Two of the country’s most pressing challenges—migration and rising HIV rates—often affect the same people. One organization is tackling both.

Youth and Education

The University That’s Educating—and Empowering—Women from across Asia

Two women at a computer
Critical thinking reigns at the Asian University for Women, where students get the kind of education usually found at small liberal arts schools.


Women’s Reproductive Rights in El Salvador

A woman crying and holding a photo above her head
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Nadia Shira Cohen explores reproductive rights and criminalized abortion in El Salvador.

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