Ending an Imperial Legacy

Open Society Foundations Men in a market holding plastic bags © Sven Torfinn/Panos for the Open Society Foundations
A respected schoolteacher in Kenya walks along a road while singing. He is arrested, detained for three months, and released without charge. His crime? A 192-year-old offense stretching back to British colonial rule. For thousands of people in Africa, this story is a daily reality. Here and in other parts of the world, outdated petty offense laws are often used to target vulnerable populations, including the poor, LGBTI, and people with disabilities. But a growing movement across the continent offers hope that these laws won’t reach their 200th birthday.


Drug Policy Reform

As U.S. States Decriminalize Marijuana, Mexico’s Drug War Rages On

Soldiers gathering bales of marijuana
Decriminalization has brought an array of benefits to the United States, but not always to Mexico.

Migration & Asylum

EU Plan on Migration Will Only Give North Africans More Reason to Flee

Bolstering authoritarian regimes risks further human rights violations and populations more determined to escape.

Rights & Justice

A Victory for the Truth about Mexico’s “Dirty War”

A young man surrounded by soldiers
A ruling from Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice has given an important boost to those who want a proper accounting for abuses that included forced disappearances.


Migrants on the Mediterranean

Two men on a boat, one wearing a gold-colored blanket
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Kenny Karpov climbs aboard the ships rescuing refugees and migrants on the Mediterranean Sea.

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