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Université Laval became the first Canadian University to publicly and openly commit to fossil fuel divestment. 

This is a big win for students and divestment campaigns across Canada. Students have been mobilizing for over 4 years in Canada to have their post secondary institutions divest from fossil fuels. Today we celebrate ULaval sans fossiles, which has been organizing for just over 3 months, as they join a global movement of 680+ institutions worldwide that have committed to divest.

The financial arguments for divestment have already gone mainstream with fossil free investing options becoming more readily available and over 5 trillion in assets committed to divestment across the globe. ULaval's decision demonstrates what divestment organizers have known for years, that it isn't the financial or technical details that stop Universities from divesting, it is a lack of vision and ambition. 

At a time when new, real leadership on climate is so needed, it is time that other Universities follow the example that ULaval has set as it takes a big step away from the fossil fuel industry. We know that this will be a huge boost to other students and campaigns across the country that have been tirelessly working to see their administrations divest. As dviestment campaigns continue to build momentum on campus, we look forward to celebrating the incredible power of students to lead and inspire their Universities to act.

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