What Comes After the Raids

Open Society Foundations A boy’s face at a window © Eduardo Perez/Newscom
Amid the public outrage over ongoing ICE raids across the United States, the already record number of detained immigrants has been largely overlooked. And while the amount of media coverage on the subject has risen in recent years, the depth remains wanting. The problem isn’t due to a lack of curiosity but of access. Only when reporters reliably gain entry to detention centers and we hear from migrants themselves can we truly understand the shadowy system—and hope to fix it.



Fighting Hate in the Age of Trump

Talking Justice podcast
The latest episode of our podcast looks at what’s being done to turn back the rising tide of intolerance in America.

Rights & Justice

Lawyers on the Margins Find Creative Ways to Help Their Clients—and Each Other

Women at a desk in a meeting room
Given worrying recent trends, the need for specialized legal assistance to vulnerable groups continues to grow. But this collaborative network of peers is rising to the challenge.

Rule of Law

How Access to Justice Can Stop a Problem Turning into a Crisis

A row of apartment buildings with people on balconies
To shape effective policy, we need to know more about the direct and indirect social and economic costs of unresolved legal problems.


The American Student Movement, Then and Now

Group of NYPD officers
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Alfredo Bini explores the American student movement in New York City, from civil rights leaders in the ’60s to the social justice activists and students today.

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