Born into Stigma

Open Society Foundations Still from Born Julia and Julius
In Uganda, growing up intersex makes you a target—of discrimination, abuse, even violence. It can be viewed as a curse, something to purge. When the identity of an intersex man named Julius was leaked to a newspaper, for example, the harassment he faced forced him to flee the country. Later, when he learned of a young boy back home on a similar path, he knew he had to return and help. Today, Julius’s activism on intersex issues is part of a broad effort to show that what really needs fixing is society’s stigma


Drug Policy Reform

A Flourishing in the Deserts of Afghanistan. But for How Long?

Men in a poppy field
A photo exhibition looks at the human stories driving a tenuous environmental revolution in Afghanistan.

Governance & Accountability

How Mexican Human Rights Lawyers Found a New Route to Accountability

A woman walking in front of a colorful mural
Mexican federal prosecutors must apologize to three indigenous women who were maliciously prosecuted and jailed—in a case that charts a new route to accountability.


Baton Rape Case Fuels Anger over Racist Policing in France

Demonstrators in a crowd
The sexual assault with a police baton of a 22-year-old black Frenchman has provoked protests and calls for fundamental reforms in French policing.


Mothers and Military Veterans Deported to Mexico

A man in the shade holding his hands up
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Peter Eversoll looks at the complexities of immigration along the U.S.–Mexico border through the eyes of deported mothers and military veterans.

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