Internet Insider: Latest on Net Neutrality and our big win on the Link Tax

March 10, 2017

Hi Paov,

With ‘net neutrality’ flying around as the mot du jour of digital policy, the firm line between consumer and corporate interests is getting ever more starkly defined.

The ACLU, along with 170 other collaborating organizations, has urged the protection of net neutrality, as an important cornerstone to levelling the digital marketplace. And other political leaders have also joined this urgent clarion call, the U.S. Senate minority leader amongst them.

Still, the FCC, with Ajit Pai as their new chair, advances their anti-net neutrality position. Be sure to make your voice heard on this before it’s too late!

But if you’re in any doubt about the power of everyday citizens standing together to bring about real change, just look at Europe, where we’ve just had a big win for our campaign against the Link Tax and some of the worst copyright proposals in the world.

A closely-watched report from top MEP Therese Comodini Cachia has come down on our side, recommending the Link Tax be removed from the draft legislation. This would never have happened without you and over 130,000 citizens speaking up for an open Internet - thanks!

With continued appreciation for your support,

On behalf of the OpenMedia team 


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