The Women We Dont Hear From

Open Society Foundations Women in a room with bunkbeds © Alexandra Radu for PRNI
Earlier this week on International Women’s Day, tens of thousands of women and supporters across the globe stood up for gender equality. The outpouring at the many strikes, rallies, and protests reminds us there are still far too many places where women’s voices remain unheard. In Indonesia, for example, the experiences of women who use drugs have been largely absent from research and policy discussions. But that’s starting to change. A new report—based on research conducted by and with women who use drugs—is finally telling the story of the police abuse, social stigma, and poverty they face every day.


Media Freedom

Palestine’s First “Civil” Media Organization Is a Breakthrough for Independent Journalism

A man holding a camera in a television studio
Wattan, a news outlet that is neither privately owned nor government run, is elevating Palestine’s media landscape.

Access to Medicines

Fighting Corruption in Health Care? There’s an App for That.

Medicines and papers on a desk
Teams of coders and journalists from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan recently took part in a hackathon to address abuses in government procurement of medicines.

Freedom of Information

In Buenos Aires, Right to Information Helps Renters Get a Foot in the Door

A man standing on a balcony
In a city where one-third of its population are renters, advocates are using a transparency law to curb shady real estate practices.


My Name Is Woman

A woman pushing a boy in a wheelchair
In this week’s takeover of Open Society’s Instagram feed, photographer Elyor Nematov looks at the daily lives and work of women in Kyrgyzstan.

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