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The verdict is in: Canada should withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and ensure much greater transparency and public engagement for future trade negotiations.

That’s the big message we heard from you — and the message we deliver in our just-published Let’s Talk TPP Citizens’ Report, shaped by feedback from a remarkable 27,996 Canadians.1

You told the government that Canadians cannot accept trade deals made in secret, and that Canada needs to learn from the mistakes made while negotiating the... TPP.

But with high-level talks between TPP nations — including Canada — taking place in Chile right now, and with crucial negotiations on NAFTA, with China, and with the UK rapidly approaching, we don’t have a moment to lose.2 Donald Trump’s new trade czar is already on record trying to squeeze even more concessions from Canada.3

Will you chip in to help us deliver the TPP verdict and make sure the government hears your message?

As the report’s author, I was inspired to read so many passionate, detailed contributions from people explaining why they oppose the TPP and what Canada needs to do better next time.

People like Darlene from Saskatoon who warns the TPP “allows corporations to willfully bully Canadians and our government,” or Tom from Nepean who warned “the trust of Canadians cannot be taken for granted”.

These are messages we cannot afford to let the government ignore. With your help, we’ll make sure your Citizens’ Report gets into the hands of every key decision-maker in Ottawa working on the upcoming trade talks.

But we can’t do it without you — will you ensure we have the resources we need to turn up the heat and make sure Ottawa can’t ignore your views on the TPP?

Paov, I’ve been working on trade issues with OpenMedia for over three years now, and I’ve seen firsthand how powerful corporations exploit the secrecy of trade negotiations to smuggle in draconian new rules that criminalize our online activity and invade our privacy.

Now, thanks to you, we have the antidote we need to put a stop to that secrecy and put citizens — not unaccountable conglomerates — first. But we need to get your plan into the hands of leaders in Ottawa. Can you help?

Thanks for all that you do,

Meghan Sali

P.S. Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne said recently that the world is looking to Canada to model “open, progressive trade” — but today he’s in Chile, locked in crucial talks about resurrecting the TPP.4 And, yet again, citizens don’t have a voice at the table. That’s just not good enough. If you agree, chip in now to power our fight over the days and weeks ahead.

[1] Check out the full Let’s Talk TPP Citizens’ Report at
[2] TPP signatories to meet in Chile to explore the future of the agreement. Source: The Diplomat
[3] Trump’s nominee for top trade official targets Canada, softwood lumber dispute. Source: r32 If you no longer wish to receive our r46 to unsubscribe.

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