Im at the tar sands right now.

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Right now, I am standing in the tar sands with my friends from the Pacific Islands. These Pacific Climate Warriors have come here from the other side of the world to bear witness to one of the most destructive fossil fuel sites in the world. They are also here to raise their paddles in resistance alongside Indigenous communities in North America.

It’s gut wrenching to be here in the tar sands -- breathing in the fumes, seeing the colossal waste sites, and coming face to face with the monstrosity that I have been fighting against for over a decade. But the Pacific Climate Warriors’ spirit of resilience is bringing me strength. To see our live updates from this journey, including footage from an aerial tour of... the tar sands, visit our website.

For Indigenous peoples and Pacific Islanders, climate change and fossil fuel extraction happens in our backyards. Rising seas are threatening to erase the homes of my friends living on the small islands of the Pacific. Toxic pollution in the air and water threatens our families and friends here and now. Simply put, we can’t afford to wait any longer for the action to match the talk on climate change.

We need Prime Minister Trudeau to stay true to the ambitious promises he made in front of the world at the Paris climate talks. He must withdraw support for tar sands expansion. During their journey to Canada, the Pacific Climate Warriors want to bring this message directly to Trudeau. Will you send a quick message to Prime Minister Trudeau asking him to meet with the Pacific Climate Warriors?

It’s just the first day of our Raise A Paddle journey and I already feel so much power standing here with my friends who have spent years courageously fighting climate change from one of the most impacted places in the world.

I have a feeling that you will want to follow along the stories from this journey -- tune into our latest updates.

In respect and peace,

Clayton Thomas-Müller

P.S. It’s been heartbreaking to hear about the severe flooding sweeping across Ontario and Quebec right now. Will you consider supporting relief efforts in these areas? is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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